Helen Wu

Resident, Child Neurology, Cincinnati Children's, Cincinnati, OH

PREVIOUS EDUCATION (Undergraduate/Graduate):



University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, BS 2007, Biomedical Engineering

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MSE, 2008, Biomedical Engineering




Medical School

2011 Medical Student Research Symposium Awardee      2011


Magna cum laude graduate  2007

UROP Sponsored Biomedical Sciences Fellowship              2006

Robert C. Byrd Scholarship  2004

High School

Valedictorian 2004



Westfall Lab – Graduate Student Researcher    2008 - 2009
Assist in ongoing research projects examining cardiac myocyte behavior and modifications to cardiac troponin I during development of heart failure

Therapeutic Ultrasound Group – Graduate Student Researcher              2008 - 2009
Assist in current research projects examining science and application of therapeutic ultrasound with microbubble cavitations, including designing of sensor circuits that would help determine timing of microbubble ablation

Liu Lab – Senior Student Researcher       2005 - 2007
Assisted in research as a volunteer as well as summer research fellowship recipient on key players of drosophila cardiogenesis, such as tinman and ubiquitin, with the ultimate goal of improving understanding of congenital heart defects





Date: Summer 2009

Advisor: Dr. Steven Cala

Title: Effect of Calsequestrin glycosylation on cardiac myocyte in heart failure


Date: Summer 2010

Advisor: Dr. Eishi Asano

Title: Gamma-oscillations modulated by picture naming and word reading:  Intracranial recording in epileptic patients