Funding and Allocation of Graduate Research Assistants

It is mandatory that careful review of the source/s of financial support be completed. Source/s of stipend support beyond fellowship conclusion must be identified by the mentor at the time s/he accepts the responsibility of mentorship. Prospective mentors seeking to accept responsibility for doctoral students must have approval from the Dean of the School of Medicine, obtainable by his designees, the Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Programs for the School of Medicine. Approval must be recorded using the designated "FORM FOR DOCTORAL STUDENT SUPPORT". Read the policy update.

Office of Biomedical Graduate Programs Policies and Procedures:


Graduate School Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures in this section pertain to all graduate students regardless of level. Graduate School policies set minimum standards, and in some cases, departments will enforce higher standards. Further information about academic progress, course repeats and other policies not listed below are available in the current version of the Graduate Bulletin.