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Graduate Student Senate

The Wayne State University School of Medicine Graduate Student Senate (WSU SOM GSS) is a non-profit organization consisting of an executive board of BMS graduate students and two graduate student representatives from each BMS department. The WSU SOM GSS was created to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To represent and serve as a liaison between the Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) graduate student body and the WSUSOM administration, the Wayne State University (WSU) main campus, and the community at large.
  2. To discuss, investigate, and, when appropriate, act on issues of interest to the graduate student body of WSUSOM.
  3. To fairly and equitably appropriate funds for approved student projects and events.
  4. To elect external committee representatives, oversee their participation, and facilitate communication between committees, Senate, and the general student body.
  5. To plan and host various social events for the student body.

The WSU SOM GSS is dedicated to cultivating a student body that is engaged, healthy, and empowered.

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EmpowerSci Detroit

EmpowerSci Detroit is a graduate student organization that aims to enhance STEM engagement in Detroit Public High Schools by providing hands-on learning experiences and an after-school program. Our mission is to facilitate interactive lab sessions and lectures that complement the science curriculum. In our after-school program, we strive to bridge the gap between in-school and out-of-school learning by providing students with the opportunity to build their scientific skills and knowledge with the support of scientific mentors.

Our goal is to provide graduate students with more teaching opportunities and to increase youth engagement in science. We achieve this by allowing students to participate in science in ways they may have never done previously. We strive for students to develop a better understanding of science and a greater appreciation for the types of questions science can answer. In doing so, students will be able to walk away from our program as better citizens, better voters, better caretakers, etc. by having a greater understanding of science and the impact it has on our lives.

If you are interested in volunteering with EmpowerSci Detroit, please complete our volunteer interest form or contact us:

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