Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)

Program Description

The BMS Program curriculum is designed for individuals who wish to improve, or change, their educational background and training in order to fulfill personal, pre-professional, or other career advancement goals. This curriculum can greatly enhance the academic preparation of individuals seeking future entry into human or veterinary medical, dental, or pharmacologic professional degree programs. Also, this curriculum can facilitate career advancement of individuals employed in the areas of biomedical research and general science education. The BMS program requires individuals have at least a bachelor's degree in academic disciplines including, but not limited to, a degree in biological, chemical, biomedical (including dental, but not medical) or pharmaceutical sciences, or legal backgrounds.

The BMS Program is a didactic, human biology-oriented, and interdisciplinary (or broadly-based) curriculum involving courses from several Basic Science Departments and Programs, each one representing a unique discipline, of the Wayne State University (WSU) School of Medicine (SoM). The curriculum requires basic medical science CORE courses from at least four different disciplines, as well as advanced biomedical science electives. Completion of the degree requires a literature review project and essay evaluating a current problem in biomedical science.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences is offered only as a Plan B master's program requiring completion of thirty-four credits including a three-credit essay. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic regulations of the WSU Graduate School and the School of Medicine governing graduate scholarship and degrees.

Required Core

One CORE course from a minimum of four different disciplines (e.g. BMB, I/M, MGG, etc) must be chosen from the following. Some of these BMS CORE courses are related, but not identical, to medical school basic science courses.

  • BMB 7010 General Biochemistry Lecture – 4 -credits
  • CB 7210 Fundamentals of Cancer Biology* 3 – credits
  • I/M 7010 Fundamentals of Immunology * 2 – credits
  • I/M 7020 Fundamentals of Microbiology* 2- credits
  • I/M 7030 Fundamentals of Virology * 2 – credits
  • MGG 7010 Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 – credits
  • BIO 6000 Molecular Cell Biology I * 3 – credits
  • PHC 6500 Drugs & Activ. Processes 3 – credits
  • PHC 7010 Introduction to Pharmacology 4 – credits
  • PHC 7410/BIO 7011 Principles of Toxicology 3 – credits
  • PSL 7010 Basic Graduate Physiology Lecture I 4 – credits
  • PSL 7030 Basic Graduate Physiology Lecture II – 4 credits
  • PYC 7010 Neurobiology I – 3 credits

* may require instructor/coordinator approval

Elective Courses

Elective credits sufficient to complete the degree requirements must be approved by written consent of the Program Director.

Plan of Work

This is developed and filed with the Program Director or his/her designee. This should be completed by the end of the second semester in the program.

Essay Requirement

BMS 7999 – Essays in Basic Medical Science – 3 credits.
Essay Advisor & Essay Topic selection

The essay advisor, who must be a WSU Graduate Faculty member, is selected with the advice and consent of the Program Director, and serves as the student's academic adviser for the remainder of the program. The essay advisor and student collaborate to identify an essay topic.

Essay Outline & Committee

The student, in consultation with the essay advisor, develops an essay outline. The essay advisor nominates the committee composed of three members of the WSU graduate faculty, including the essay advisor. The committee evaluates the essay outline for approval.


The student prepares the essay. The essay committee evaluates the essay for approval, and determines the final grade for BMS 7999 as the final requirement for the degree.


Only complete applications to the BMS Program will be reviewed. Applications are accepted and reviewed for the Fall and Winter terms only. A complete application should be submitted no later than August 1st (Fall) and December 1st (Winter), respectively, to assure matriculation to the upcoming term. Applications receiving a favorable review will be recommended to the WSU Graduate School for acceptance to the BMS program, but matriculation into the BMS curriculum is contingent upon "Admission" by the WSU Graduate School (which for some applicants specifies additional requirements).

Academic Prerequisites

An undergraduate major in a biologic or chemical science is preferred. Students with other backgrounds will be considered for admission based on their academic record, competence for the BMS curriculum, and their experience. The applicant's academic record must include undergraduate level courses in biology (at least two semesters) and chemistry (at least four semesters); additional science courses will be examined for evidence of academic aptitude for an interdisciplinary basic biomedical sciences curriculum. The applicant's transcript must report a held, or near completion, bachelor's degree or equivalent. To be considered for "Regular Admission", the applicant's transcript(s) must report an earned cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 system). An earned cumulative grade point average of less than 3.0 may be considered for "Qualified Admission". The BMS program is not permitted to recommend acceptance to the BMS Program under the "Graduate Non-Degree Admission" category, but will forward suitable applications as judged appropriate. The BMS Program will not consider applications for "Post-Bachelor Admission" because the BMS curriculum is a graduate, not an undergraduate, curriculum.

Application Procedure & Requirements

For the BMS program to review an application all of the following must be provided through the Online Graduate Admissions Application.


Graduate Programs Online Application

Complete the Graduate Programs Online Application, which is a simultaneous application to the BMS Program and to the WSU Graduate School . The Graduate Programs Online Application requires you provide basic personal and academic ("Higher Education Record", "Examinations taken or scheduled") information. Update mail and e-mail addresses should they change. It permits you to provide the required Statement of Purpose (or Personal Statement). It permits you to identify individuals who will provide references, who can submit their references online which is the preferred method. 


From each college and university attended. Send copies of all transcripts directly to the BMS Program.
Have original transcripts sent directly to the WSU Graduate School , because admission by the WSU Graduate School requires official transcripts from each college and university attended. Official transcripts require being "sent directly from the institution where the work was completed and bears an official seal" (see Wayne State University Graduate Bulletin "GRADUATE SCHOOL ADMISSION" section).

Standardized Test(s) Scores

Send directly to the BMS Program the score report(s) (copies are acceptable) of the standardized Medical College Application Test (MCAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Dental Admissions Test (DAT) or Pharmacology College Application Test (PCAT).

Statement of Purpose

By the applicant; can be done within the Online Application "Personal Statement" section. The Statement of Purpose may include a concise description of the applicant's academic background, academic and professional interest(s) and experience(s)-particularly those that influenced career choices and the decision to apply to the BMS program, long-term academic and professional goals, and how the applicant anticipates the BMS Program may help accomplish their long-term academic and professional goals.


Three (3) are required, which can be done through the Online Application or sent directly to the BMS Program.
References from at least two academic educators are required. Particular value is given to references from faculty advisors who counseled the applicant throughout prior undergraduate education, from academicians who the applicant has interacted with beyond a single term (semester), from academicians who have taught the applicant in courses directly relevant to preparation for the BMS program, and from individuals who directed the applicants biomedical or medical experiences; it is important that the applicant and individuals providing references identify the nature and duration of their interactions.

Applicants who graduated from colleges/universities in countries other than the United States of America have additional requirements for admission by the WSU Graduate School; these are detailed in the WSU Graduate Bulletin "GRADUTE SCHOOL ADMISSION" section. WSU Graduate Admissions converts all international transcripts to an earned grade point average in the 4.0 system commonly used in the United States of America . Also, the English Proficiency Requirement must be satisfied. Final admissions decisions are the sole purview of the WSU Graduate School.

*Deadline to Apply to the BMS program is: 

  • December 1st prior to Winter term (Winter)
  • August first Prior to Fall term (Fall)