Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)

Program Description

The BMS Program curriculum is designed for individuals who wish to improve, or change, their educational background and training in order to fulfill personal, pre-professional, or other career advancement goals. This curriculum can greatly enhance the academic preparation of individuals seeking future entry into human or veterinary medical, dental, or pharmacologic professional degree programs. Also, this curriculum can facilitate career advancement of individuals employed in the areas of biomedical research and general science education. The BMS program requires individuals have at least a bachelor's degree in academic disciplines including, but not limited to, a degree in biological, chemical, biomedical (including dental, but not medical) or pharmaceutical sciences, or legal backgrounds.

The BMS Program is a didactic, human biology-oriented, and interdisciplinary (or broadly-based) curriculum involving courses from several Basic Science Departments and Programs, each one representing a unique discipline, of the Wayne State University (WSU) School of Medicine (SoM). The curriculum requires basic medical science CORE courses from at least four different disciplines, as well as advanced biomedical science electives. Completion of the degree requires a literature review project and essay evaluating a current problem in biomedical science.

*Deadline to Apply to the BMS program is: 

  • December 1st prior to Winter term (Winter)
  • August first Prior to Fall term (Fall)