Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences is offered only as a Plan B master's program requiring completion of thirty-four credits including a three-credit essay. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic regulations of the WSU Graduate School and the School of Medicine governing graduate scholarship and degrees.

Required Core

One CORE course from a minimum of four different disciplines (e.g. BMB, I/M, MGG, etc) must be chosen from the following. Some of these BMS CORE courses are related, but not identical, to medical school basic science courses.

  • BMB 7010 General Biochemistry Lecture 4 -credits
  • CB 7210 Fundamentals of Cancer Biology* 3 credits
  • I/M 7010 Fundamentals of Immunology * 2 credits
  • I/M 7020 Fundamentals of Microbiology* 2- credits
  • I/M 7030 Fundamentals of Virology * 2 credits
  • MGG 7010 Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 credits
  • BIO 6000 Molecular Cell Biology I * 3 credits
  • PHC 6500 Drugs & Activ. Processes 3 credits
  • PHC 7010 Introduction to Pharmacology 4 credits
  • PHC 7410/BIO 7011 Principles of Toxicology 3 credits
  • PSL 7010 Basic Graduate Physiology Lecture I 4 credits
  • PSL 7030 Basic Graduate Physiology Lecture II 4 credits
  • PYC 7010 Neurobiology I 3 credits

* may require instructor/coordinator approval

Elective Courses

Elective credits sufficient to complete the degree requirements must be approved by written consent of the Program Director.

Plan of Work

This is developed and filed with the Program Director or his/her designee. This should be completed by the end of the second semester in the program.

Essay Requirement

BMS 7999  Essays in Basic Medical Science 3 credits.
Essay Advisor & Essay Topic selection

The essay advisor, who must be a WSU Graduate Faculty member, is selected with the advice and consent of the Program Director, and serves as the student's academic adviser for the remainder of the program. The essay advisor and student collaborate to identify an essay topic.

Essay Outline & Committee

The student, in consultation with the essay advisor, develops an essay outline. The essay advisor nominates the committee composed of three members of the WSU graduate faculty, including the essay advisor. The committee evaluates the essay outline for approval.


The student prepares the essay. The essay committee evaluates the essay for approval, and determines the final grade for BMS 7999 as the final requirement for the degree.