Eric Kim

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, The MetroHealth System, Cleveland, OH

Education: B.E. in Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University
Graduate Program Affiliation: Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: Medical technology, particularly medical microtechnology including point-of-care sensors, mobile medicine, and bioelectrical interfaces
Advisor: Yong Xu, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering


Kim EGR. Multiple doctors, different recommendations for multiloculated pyogenic hepatic abscesses. Clin. Res. Prac. 2018;4(1):eP1404. doi: 10.22237/crp/1518739320.

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Xu Y, Tu H, Kim EG, and John J. (2012, July 31). A novel SOI-CMOS compatible method to fabricated flexible, foldable and stretchable devices. US provisional patent No. 61/677,795


George Mogill, M.D. Endowed Award for Family Medicine – 2018
Graduation with Distinction in Biomedical Research – 2018
Clinical commendations all year 3 rotations – 2016-2017
Honors for family medicine core rotation and family medicine elective – 2017
Southeast Michigan Academy of Family Physicians Student Attendee Scholarship – 2017
American Academy of Family Physicians First-time Student Attendee Scholarship – 2017
Graduate Research Exhibition Wayne State University 2nd place poster – 2016
Ralph H. Kummler Award for Distinguished Achievement in Graduate Student Research – 2015
Summer Dissertation Fellowship – 2015
WSU MD/PhD Research Day Best Presentation Award – 2014 & 2015
Invited Panelist at the BMES 2014 Midwest Biomedical Engineering Career Conference – 2014
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society – 2014
Golden Key International Honor Society – 2012
Wayne State University School of Medicine Board of Governors Scholarship MD/PhD – 2009-2017

GRA with Wayne State University College of Engineering
Summer Dissertation Fellowship
NSF Nanoengineering Certificate program GTA

Residency Match: University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency, Denver, CO

Favorite Aspect of the M.D./Ph.D. Program: Primary care as a specialty is highly under-represented amongst MD/PhDs.  MD/PhDs are problem solvers, and many of the problems to be solved in modern health care are in primary care.  Imagine the impact we could have, the doors we could open up, and the lives we could change for the better.