C James Block

Resident, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan

C James Block


Education: Hillsdale College, B.S. in Biology 
Thesis Mentor: Dr. Guojun Wu

Research Interests

Applied genomics, data analysis, cell biology


  • Block, J., Meng, F., & Wu, G. (2015). Reversing cancer stemness. Aging, 7(11), 893–894
  • Dong, L., Meng, F., Wu, L., Mitchell, A. V., Block, C. J., Zhang, B., … Wu, G. (2017). Cooperative oncogenic effect and cell signaling crosstalk of co occurring HER2 and mutant PIK3CA in mammary epithelial cells. International journal of oncology, 51(4), 1320–1330.
  • Wu, L., Meng, F., Dong, L., Block, C. J., Mitchell, A. V., Wu, J., … Wu, G. (2019). Disulfiram and BKM120 in Combination with Chemotherapy Impede Tumor Progression and Delay Tumor Recurrence in Tumor Initiating Cell-Rich TNBC. Scientific reports, 9(1), 236.



Other Information

Conferences Attended: American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting (2019)