Michael Drasher

Michael Drasher

Michael Drasher


Education: BA
Year in Program: M1
Thesis: Undecided

Research Interests

I am pursuing anthropology and medicine to advance interdisciplinary research and critically examine the ways in which social determinants of health, political economy, world systems and structural violence intersect with the mortal realities of health, wellness and social justice.

I aspire to establish a career as a physician-anthropologist catalyzing networks of exchange between students, professionals and medical technology among West African nations and the United States.

Honors and Awards

  • 2017-2018 Kevin J. And Edith Sullivan Scholarship-Columbia University
  • 2014 Neil C. Tapen Prize-University of Minnesota



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  • Richardson ET, Kelly JD, Sesay O, Drasher MD, Desai IK, Frankfurter R, Farmer PE, Barrie MB. The Symbolic Violence of ‘Outbreak’: A Mixed Methods, Quasi-Experimental Impact Evaluation of Social Protection on Ebola Survivor Wellbeing. Social Science and Medicine 2017.