Peter Dimitrion

Peter Dimitrion

Peter Dimitrion



The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Master of Science in Biotechnology

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Molecular Biology (Dual Majors)

Year in Program: M3

Qing-Sheng Mi, MD/PhD


NIH/NIGMS F30 Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Predoctoral NRSA

Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship, Wayne State University 2020-2022


Research Interests

I study the epigenetic regulation of inflammatory and immunoproliferative diseases. In my research I employ single-cell epigenomics and genetic mouse models to better understand how oncogene-induced dysregulation of myeloid cells leads to therapeutic vulnerabilities. I’m also working to better understand how genetic variation leads to altered immune responses in an autoinflammatory skin disease, hidradenitis suppurativa. The goal is to better character patient heterogeneity and enhance personalized medicine approaches to treating patients with hidradenitis suppurativa.

Honors and Awards

The Jon D. Pritchard Award, 2024
The Leonard N. Simons Award for Exemplary Research and Scholarly Achievement, 2024
Abstract Achievement Award, Karmanos Tumor Biology and Microenvironment Retreat, 2023
HFCI Cancer Research Advisory Group AACR Travel Scholarship, 2023
American Society of Hematology Abstract Achievement Award, 2023
Best Abstract in Emerging Technologies & ‘Omics Research, HFHS Research Symposium, 2023
3rd Place Abstract Award Cancer Biology Research Symposium, 2023
Cancer Biology Graduate Program Travel Award, 2023
WSUSOM MD/PhD Travel Award, 2023
Cancer Biology Graduate Program Travel Award, 2022
WSUSOM MD/PhD Travel Award, 2022
Best Abstract & Oral Presentation, HFHS Research Symposium, 2021
Jerry A & Mary D Martin Memorial Scholarship, Northwest AHEPA Family Educational Foundation, 2020
Superior Hospital Alignment Prize, Quest Research Symposium, 2020
Dean’s List, 2012-2016, University of Pittsburgh
Departmental Honors, University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemistry, 2016
The Chris Papadimitrakis Scholarship, 2011




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* = Equal Contribution


Other Information

Conferences Attended:

65th Annual American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition.
Karmanos Cancer Institute Tumor Biology and Microenvironment Retreat
Symposium on Hidradenitis Suppurativa Advances
Wayne State University Annual Graduate Student Research Day
American Academy of Immunology Annual Conference
Annual HFH Research Symposium

Karmanos Cancer Institute Tumor Biology and Microenvironment Retreat 2022
37th Annual National MD/PhD Conference (Symposium on Immunology)
SID Annual Meeting May
Annual HFH Research Symposium May 13, 2022.
American Academy of Immunology Annual Conference



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