Peter Dimitrion

Peter Dimitrion

Peter Dimitrion


Education: University of Pittsburgh, B.S.; Johns Hopkins University, M.S.
Year in Program: M1
Mentor: Qing-Sheng Mi, M.D. Ph.D.

Personal Interests

I have many hobbies; among them are rock climbing, cooking, wild fermentation, brewing beer and reading. I am excited to be a part of the Wayne State University School of Medicine community and am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone, working hard, having fun, finding new passions and form lasting relationships with the people in this awesome community.

Research Interests

I am interested in explorinh immune cell development and differentiation using single-cell genomic and epigenomic techniques to understand how cell-cell interactions and molecular heterogeneity contribute to clinical phenotypes. I am also interested in developing new single-cell techniques and analytical methods.

Honors and Awards

  • Departmental Honors, University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemistry
  • The Chris Papadimitrakis Scholarship


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Other Information

Conferences Attended:

  • Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting & Symposium 2018 (New York, NY)
  • Univ. of Pittsburgh Arts & Sciences Research Exposition 2016 (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Science! 2015 (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Science! 2014 (Pittsburgh, PA)