Sebastian Pernal

Sebastian Pernal

Sebastian Pernal


Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, M.S. in Bioengineering
Year in Program: G4
Mentor: Jun Li, Ph.D., Neurology


Personal Interests

 Playing and writing music

Research Interests

I want to apply my abilities in nanotechnology and bioengineering to demonstrate to my colleagues and peers that translation research with nanotechnology is possible, and the materials that we create can be directly applied to the patients for which we care.


Honors and Awards

  • Best Poster – Honorable Mention, BNSMA 2019, Tbilisi Georgia
  • Leokadia Woicehovich Marshall Endowed Scholarship, 2018

Other Information

Conferences Attended:

  • Brain & Neuroplasticity: Structural and Molecular Aspects 4th International Symposium and School of Young Scientists 2019
  • AACR Annual Meeting 2018
  • Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2017
  • Frontiers in Biomagnetics 2017



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