Ashley Kramer

Ashley Kramer

Ashley Kramer


Education: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, B.S.
Washington University- Post-Baccalaureate Program
Year in Program: M4
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Thummel


Personal Interests

Link to my NCBI bibliography:

Research Interests

I am interested in studying the stem cell properties the Müller glia cells of the retina. Müller glia in the mammalian retina are not capable of retinal regeneration and instead their response to retinal damage results in glial scar formation. In the Thummel Lab, we use zebrafish as a model organism to study retinal regeneration due to the remarkable capability of the zebrafish Müller glia to regenerate all cell types of the retina following damage without the formation of a glial scar. My project will specifically focus on characterizing the epigenetic landscape and the role of DNA methyltransferases during the process of retinal regeneration in zebrafish.

Honors and Awards




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• Ranski AH, Kramer AC, Morgan GW, Perez JL, Thummel R. Characterization of retinal regeneration in adult zebrafish following multiple rounds of phototoxic lesion. PeerJ. September 2018; 6: e5646. [PMID: 30258730]

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• Ostrander EL, Koh WK, Mallaney C, Kramer AC, Wilson WC, Zhang B, Challen GA. The GNASR201C mutation associated with clonal hematopoiesis supports transplantable hematopoietic stem cell activity. Experimental Hematology. September 2017; 57: 14-20. [PMID: 28939416].

Kramer AC, Blake AL, Taisto ME, Lehrke MJ, Webber BR, Lund TC. Dermatopontin in bone marrow extracellular matrix regulates adherence but is despensible for murine hematopoietic cell maintenance. Stem Cell Resports. September 2017; 9(3): 770-778. [PMID: 28844660].

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• Celik H, Kramer A, Challen GA. Review: DNA methylation in normal and malignant hematopoiesis. Journal of International Hematology. June 2016; 103(6): 617-26. [PMID: 26943352]

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• Lund TC, Kobs AJ, Kramer AC, Nyquist M, Kuroki MT, Osborn J, Lidke DS, Low-Nam ST, Blazar BR, Tolar J. Bone marrow stromal and vascular smooth muscle cells have chemosensory capacity via bitter taste receptor expression. PLoS One. 2013 ;8(3):e58945. [PMID: 23520545].

Invited Oral Presentations at Local Meetings:

“Context Specific Effects of Mutations in Epigenetic Regulators in Hematopoietic Development and Disease.” Washington University in St. Louis weekly Hematopoietic Disease and Malignancy focus group meeting. September 26th, 2016.

Other Information

Conferences Attended:

  • 10th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics. University of Wisconsin, Madison. June 20-24, 2012.
  • 13th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics. University of Wisconsin, Madison. June 20-24, 2018.
  • 34th Annual MD/PhD Student Conference. Copper Mountain, CO. July 12-14, 2019.


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