Andrea Batchev

Andrea Batchev

Andrea Batchev


Education: B.S. University of Oklahoma, 2020
Year in Program: G2
Thesis Mentor: Dr. Matthew Allen, PhD, Chemistry


Lutter, J. C.; Batchev, A. L.; Ortiz, C. J.; Sertage, A. G.; Romero, J.; Subasinghe, S. A. A. S.; Pedersen, S. E.; Samee, M. A. H.; Pautler, R. G.;* Allen, M. J* Europium(II/III)-containing complexes encapsulated in a perfluorocarbon nanoemulsion for imaging oxygen using 19F-magnetic resonance imaging. submitted.

Johnson BP, Scull EM, Dimas DA, Bavineni T, Bandari C, Batchev AL, Gardner ED, Nimmo SL, Singh S. Acceptor substrate determines donor specificity of an aromatic prenyltransferase: expanding the biocatalytic potential of NphB. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2020


Prentice Gautt Scholarship Award (2020)
CoSIDA Academic All-District Team (2020)
Senior Conference Medal (2020)
Big XII All-Academic Team (2017-2020)
Gerald Lage Academic Achievement Award (2018)
National Merit Scholar and Regent Scholar (2015-2020)

Conferences Attended:

Ohio Inorganic Weekend, 2022
Wayne State Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium, 2022
Oklahoma 64th American Chemical Society Pentasectional Conference, 2019
University of Oklahoma Undergraduate Research Day, 2019
National Conference for Undergraduate Research, 2018

Outside Interests:

Outside of school and lab, I enjoy running, making experimental recipes, and taking motorcycle trips.

Research Interests

I am studying the stabilization of redox-active EuII/III-containing complexes in perfluorocarbon nano-emulsions as a tool for detecting hypoxia via MRI. More broadly, I’m interested in the application of molecular and atomic principles to investigate problems and create new interventions and technologies in medicine.

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